Our Story

 I have worn many hats during my life. Upon graduating from Saint Catherine’s School for Childcare Technicians, I enjoyed working in New Born and Premature nurseries at Brady Maternity Hospital in Albany, New York. Six months after making the move to the new GYN unit at Saint Peter’s Hospital in Albany, I chose to care for our newborn and two more to follow for the next ten years while taking night courses toward a teaching degree. Soon after graduation, I became a secondary teacher at Saint Anne Institute school for incarcerated teenage girls.  As chairman of the Health Education department, I taught Health and developed the Effective Parenting Program, retiring after thirty years.

     My husband and I traveled far and wide for seven years. Upon returning from a 37 day trip circumnavigating Australia, my spiritual guides led me to a newsletter from a nearby spiritual center that I occasionally attended with our daughter. They strongly suggested that I sign up for a weekend course in Hypnosis.  I had zero interest in doing so, but they persisted. Led by my trust in my guides, I signed up and was hooked the very first day.

    Although I became certified and practiced locally, it wasn’t until I met my mentor,  Cal Banyon, from the Banyon Institute of Hypnosis in Dallas, Texas that I found the most effective techniques to help clients. I went to Texas and studied intensely.  Presently I am a 5 PATH® Advanced Master Hypnotist, a 7th Path® Self-Hypnosis teacher and a Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor. My decision to become a "5-PATHer" has driven my passion to guide others to become what they were born to be.  

     We are called the "1 percenters" because there are less than 480  5- PATHers in the world. Our skills are unparalleled because our training and support is the best.

Certifications & Education

  • Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor
  • Certified  5-PATH® Master Hypnotist and 7th Path® Self-Hypnosis Teacher,
  • Certified in Neuro-Linquistic Programming
  • Certified in Pain Management
  • Certified in Past Life Regression
  • Certified Soul Entrainment Practitioner
  • Certified in the Informing Soul Technique
  • Certified in On Line Sessions
  • Certified Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. 
  • M.S. in Educational Administration and Policy Studies, SUNY Albany, NY, 1992,
  • M.S. in Health Education, Russell Sage College, Troy, NY, 1983,
  • B.A. in English with Psychology and Education minors, SUNY, Albany, NY, 1980,
  • Secondary School Educator at Saint Anne Institute 1980-2010

True or False?

Can you tell what is true and what is false? Click the statements to find out how much you know!

1. Hypnosis can help in so many ways


Hypnosis guides you into becoming who you were meant to be. The process neutralizes old limiting beliefs, emotions or habits that have caused you to not be as successful as you would like to be regarding the issues that you want to work on. Practicing self-hypnosis daily will increase your focus and concentration skills while recharging your energy. I am a certified Self-Hypnosis teacher.

2. Hypnosis works, even when nothing else does.


Maybe you have tried many avenues unsuccessfully to reach a goal. Hypnosis works because it taps into the power of the subconscious mind where our memories and emotions live. 5-PATH® Advanced Transformational Hypnotists are highly trained to guide you.

3. The purpose of hypnosis is just to relax and fall asleep.


The purpose of hypnosis is to relax just enough to enter a state of heightened suggestibility where your subconscious mind is exceptionally susceptible to the changes that you have shared with your hypnotist. During this state you may feel a variety of emotions related to the transformational process.

4. Hypnosis works for nearly every issue.


Hypnosis can guide you in many ways for example: to change habits and beliefs, address past trauma, reduce pain (physical and emotional), eliminate fears, inspire spiritual growth and so much more.

5. Not everyone can be hypnotized.


Anyone who is able and willing can be hypnotized. Twenty percent need extra steps to acquire the 4th stage of hypnosis where changes are more permanent. 

6. Hypnosis is a supernatural phenomenon.


Hypnosis is not magic or supernatural. It is scientifically based. Our subconscious mind can embrace an idea such as a fear/phobia instantly. Conversely, our brain can learn a new response quickly due to its neuroplasticity.

7. Practicing self-hypnotism empowers you to change your life.


I teach 7th-Path self-hypnosis FREE to any client who purchases a 4 session package. It is a life changing experience whether you are spiritual or not.

8. In order to be hypnotized you must achieve two criteria.


1) truly believe that your hypnotist can guide you towards success and 

2) have a strong desire to change behavior or belief.

9. Changes through hypnosis don’t have prerequisites.


Any changes in beliefs and behaviors that occur through hypnosis or self-hypnosis are directly controlled by one’s ability to identify one’s own needs and willingness to follow the hypnotist’s suggestions. 

10. During hypnosis you will be asleep and remember nothing.


You want to remember all the insight you have learned from your session so you will be conscious and alert the whole time. You will be able to talk with your hypnotist. If you fall asleep, you will be awakened. The only exception is if you are being hypnotized for medical purposes such as surgery. 

11. A hypnotist can’t make do anything against your beliefs.


Hypnosis is a consensual state. If a suggestion against the client’s belief system is made by hypnotist, the client will immediately emerge from hypnosis. You are always in control. Stage shows choose participants who are willing to react to silly suggestions.

12. Conscious thinking controls most of our mind.


Conscious thinking represents only 5%-7% of our minds. The rest is the subconscious and unconscious (control autonomic activity such as breathing) mind. 

13. The Critical Factor plays an essential role in formulating beliefs.


The Critical Factor is the part of our Conscious Mind that examines, interprets, and filters incoming ideas. When similar ideas are presented to the Conscious Mind, they are accepted easily but, when ideas are too different from what is already held, they are rejected. 

14. Repetition is crucial in creating a habit or breaking a habit.


Repetition is essential in starting or removing a habit.

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